Core Values

Our Core Values

Embracing the 28COE Core Values: A Commitment to Integrity and Excellence

At FHSM Services, we wholeheartedly embrace the 28COE Core Values crafted by Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat. These values guide our actions and define our ethos. We deeply appreciate this framework and commit to steadfastly practicing these principles, ensuring integrity, innovation, and excellence in all our endeavors.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our ethos, defining our commitment to transparency, ethics, and principled conduct in every interaction, ensuring unwavering trust from our stakeholders.


Boldness fuels our innovation, empowering us to explore new horizons, embrace challenges, and pioneer solutions that transform the logistics landscape, forging a path to unparalleled success.


Honesty is our guiding principle, fostering a culture of truthfulness, sincerity, and openness. It underpins our relationships, ensuring authenticity and integrity in all our endeavors.


Trustworthiness is our currency. Upholding the trust bestowed upon us by our clients, partners, and team members is our unwavering commitment, fostering enduring relationships grounded in reliability and dependability.


Accountability is the cornerstone of our operations. We take ownership of our actions, decisions, and commitments, ensuring that we deliver on promises and exceed expectations consistently.


Learning is our pathway to growth. We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging curiosity, adaptability, and knowledge exchange, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of industry trends and advancements.

Community Of Customer Experience

Our commitment to a Community of Customer Experience ensures that every interaction is meaningful, memorable, and exceeds expectations. We prioritize customer satisfaction, shaping enduring relationships based on exceptional service.


Passion fuels our dedication. With fervor and zeal, we approach every task, ensuring our work is infused with enthusiasm, creativity, and unwavering commitment, driving excellence in every endeavor.

Culture Of Fun

Our Culture of Fun creates a vibrant work environment. We celebrate achievements, nurture camaraderie, and inject enthusiasm into our daily tasks, fostering a positive atmosphere that inspires creativity and collaboration.


Discipline is our foundation. It instills structure, precision, and focus into our operations, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and adherence to high standards in every aspect of our services.

Community Of Ownership

In our Community of Ownership, every team member takes pride and responsibility for our collective success. It fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging proactive engagement, and empowering each individual to contribute meaningfully.

Result Oriented

Being Result-Oriented is our mantra. We focus on outcomes, setting ambitious goals, and channeling our efforts towards achieving measurable results, ensuring the success of our clients and stakeholders.

Constant Improvement

Constant Improvement is our commitment. We embrace change, welcome feedback, and proactively seek opportunities to enhance our services, ensuring that we evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.


Leadership defines our approach. We cultivate leaders at every level, empowering our team members to inspire, motivate, and guide others, fostering a culture of mentorship and continuous growth.

Hard Work

Hard Work is our dedication. We acknowledge the value of diligence, persistence, and dedication, putting in the extra effort required to achieve excellence, ensuring the success of our endeavors.


Diversity is our strength. We celebrate differences, embracing varied perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Our diverse workforce fosters innovation, creativity, and inclusivity, driving our success as a global organization.


Innovation is our heartbeat. We encourage inventive thinking, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and nurture a culture of creativity, ensuring that we pioneer solutions that redefine industry standards and exceed expectations.


Quality is our hallmark. We uphold the highest standards in all our endeavors, ensuring that our services, products, and interactions reflect excellence, instilling confidence and trust in our stakeholders.


Teamwork is our synergy. We collaborate seamlessly, leveraging the diverse strengths of our team members to achieve shared goals. Through effective collaboration, we maximize our collective potential, driving exceptional outcomes.


Simplicity is our elegance. We embrace simplicity in our processes, communications, and solutions, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. Simplicity enhances efficiency, ensuring seamless experiences for our clients and partners.

Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration & Partnership are our cornerstones. We foster collaborative relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Through strong partnerships, we achieve mutual growth, innovation, and enduring success.


Idealism is our vision. We dream big, aspiring to create a positive impact on the world. Idealism inspires us to pursue ambitious goals, driving our relentless dedication to transformative change.


Courage is our strength. We face challenges with bravery, embracing risks, and daring to explore uncharted territories. Courage empowers us to make bold decisions, ensuring our resilience and adaptability.


Unselfishness is our ethos. We prioritize the needs of others, embracing a selfless approach to our interactions. Unselfishness fosters compassion, empathy, and generosity, strengthening our bonds with the community.



Entitlement is not our attitude. We reject entitlement, fostering humility, gratitude, and appreciation for the opportunities we receive. Humility ensures continuous learning, growth, and a genuine connection with others.

Self Respect

Self-Respect is our foundation. We honor ourselves, valuing our worth, abilities, and contributions. Self-Respect cultivates confidence, integrity, and a positive self-image, empowering us to excel in every endeavor.

Client Value Creation

Client Value Creation is our commitment. We focus on delivering tangible value to our clients, understanding their unique needs, and tailoring our solutions to exceed expectations. Client Value Creation ensures lasting partnerships and client satisfaction.

One Global Network

One Global Network is our reach. We operate as a unified entity, transcending geographical boundaries. Our global network enables seamless collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the collective pursuit of excellence, ensuring our global footprint in the industry.


Why Embracing 28COE Core Values Transforms Individuals and Organizations

In the realm of personal and organizational ethics, core values stand as guiding stars, shaping behavior and fostering a positive culture. Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, recognizing the need for a holistic approach, introduced the 28COE Core Values—a comprehensive framework surpassing traditional core value systems.

Unlike conventional sets with limited principles, the 28COE values, conceived by Dr. Bhat, offer a wide-ranging perspective. These values resonate deeply, earning acclaim from both clients and individuals. They acknowledge the intricate layers of human existence and organizational demands.

It is our fervent recommendation that both individuals and organizations embrace the 28COE Core Values. Their adoption brings transformative change, influencing work ethics, organizational dynamics, and personal beliefs. Seize the opportunity today; integrating these values can initiate a positive revolution in your workplace and your life at large.

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